SIDES & A LA CARTE

Served w/ Choice of Hand Cut Fries or Chips

Turkey Burger           $7.99 
Hamburger                $7.49
Cheeseburger          $7.99 
Bacon Cheeseburger       $9.99
Veggie Burger            $7.99
Grilled Jack Chicken Sandwich  $10.99
Chicken Breast Sandwich $8.99
(fried or grilled)
3 Chicken Tenders & Fries
3 Piece Fish
Salmon Burger          $8.99
Crab cake (5oz.)        $12.99


Severed w/ Your Choice of Home Fries or Grits

Chess Omelet                                                $6.99

Veggie Omelet w/ Onions, Peppers       $8.99

Mushrooms & Tomatoes                            $7.99

Omelet w/ Choice of Meat

Crabs or Shrimp Omelet w/ Onions & Pepper $12.99

Chicken & Waffler $7.99

BLT $4.25

Breakfast Sandwich w/ Choice of $3.00
Breakfast Meat *(Extra Meat $1.00)

Breakfast Platter: Server w/ 3 Eggs. Grits,                         $7.99
Toast and Choice of Breakfast Meat*

Premium Breakfast Meat Platter: Served w/                $8.99
3 Eggs, Grits or Home Fries and Choice of
Premium Meat**

Premium Breakfast Platter: Waffle, French Toast or
Pancakes served with 1 Choice of Meat & 2 Eggs

Fish (2 Pieces) with Grits or Home Fries and Toast

Shrimp & Grits
(Add Cheese, Bacon and Scallions $10.99)

*Breakfast Meat:
Bacon, Sausage or Scrapple

**Premium Breakfast Meat:
Corn Beef Hash, Salmon Cakes, Beef Bacon,
Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Eckrich Sausage or


Shrimp Po Boy                   $10.99 

Shrimp and Fries

Seafood Platter

Turkey Club or Ham Club Served w/ Chips

Veggie Sandwich: portobello Mushrooms,

Red Onions, Yellow, Green & Red Pepper

Grilled Cheese with Texas Toast

Soup of the Day

Eggs (each) $0.99 Egg Whites (each) $1.49
Home Fries, Grits or Oatmeal   $2.25
Waffles, French Toast or 3 Pancakes
Toast  $3.75
Croissant  $2.25
Bagel (Plain/Cinnamon Raisin) $2.25

2 Chicken Tenders
Side of Breakfast Meat     $2.25
Premium Breakfast Meat $3.25
Fish (2 Pieces)                  $5.00
Hand Cut Fries                 $2.25
Dessert of the Day         $4.00
American Cheese         
Provolone, Cheddar or            Pepper Jack                       $0.65
Veggies: Onions, Mushrooms, Peepers or Spinach (each) $0.65
Extra Sauce                           $0.50
Extra Dressing                     $0.50